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Silvia Pineda
Sep. 19,2005
Draft 4
Professor Kasper
ESL 91D03C

Which characteristics does someone need to have to be influential in others live? I met my husband more than twelve years ago. As the years had past in our marriage, I see all the virtues that my husband have. These are virtues that have made our marriage work I really admire him for his determination in everything he does. The kindness he shows to me and others, and the love he has for our family made him very influential in my life.
When my husband decided to finish school he had two jobs, one as a superintendent and the other as mechanic. It was very difficult but never imposible for him. I remember him study, almost every single day except Sunday and Monday. Those two days were the most excited time for our family. My children and I wait for those days to come, to spend some time together.
I always said a joked with my husband about a certificate he won when he was a child. It said for being constant thats one of his virtues. Probably he didn't pass the grades with but, his constants is what it made a difference.
Kindness is a virtue. His is kind to everyone who is around him. I remember a few words that one of his coworker said,It is a good pleasure to work with your husband; he is really kind. I remember a day that I was very upset and I started to raise my voice for something that I didn't like. He always stayed calm it is rare if he raise his voice. He always think twice before he said something.
His mother said he never had talked to her sarcastic, she said his the only son in all her seven children, than never have talk her back or arguing with her
He love his mother very much.
He had demonstrated his love for our family by providing for our needs. He wakes up at five am, Monday thru Friday, to start off his day of work. He still has the two jobs. He is always concern about our needs. He is not the type of person who often says I love you, or kisses you but he doesn't have to say it. We know he loves us, by his actions. He has different ways to show his love for me and our children.
Nobody in this world is perfect. But he had so many virtues that made him very influential in others, but especially to me.In our children he is a role model us. For all the hard work and sacrifice , his determination, kindness and love.